"Sarah was my daughter's first piano teacher shortly after my daughter Natasha turned six years old.  She had never had any type of music lessons before, so for me this was a grand experiment of sorts.  Needless to say, I have been very pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Sarah is highly talented in starting young ones from zero and building them on a strong foundation of music theory and then continuing to help them grow and excel as they progress.  Sarah adheres to the necessary format and structure of the lesson content, while making learning an enjoyable and fun experience for the child.  I would highly recommend Sarah for anyone seeking piano instruction for their child." - A. Barzallo
"Sarah has been a wonderful piano instructor for my 5 year old daughter. Her enthusiasm, skill, and- most important for me- her patience have been greatly appreciated. Sarah has a real gift for teaching children and instills a strong work ethic. My daughter's playing has improved tremendously under Sarah's tutelage. I highly recommend her." - A. Luechtefeld
"Sarah has been our grandson’s piano teacher for the past 3 years, and he has made incredible progress under her tutelage. He is a typical ADHD little boy, and though he had meds for during the school day, they had run out by the time he got to Sarah after school.  Despite his difficulty with concentration, she worked with him patiently and maximized his strengths. She used commercial materials which were appropriate for him, teaching him both technique and theory, and she also found music that was seasonal and music he wanted to play that were appropriately arranged for his skill level.  We found Sarah to be an outstanding teacher and only wish it were possible for our grandson to continue to study with Sarah." - S. Miller, Valdosta, GA
"My daughter has been taking piano lessons from Ms. Sarah Carter for last one year and I found her to be an awesome piano teacher. She has real passion for music and that reflects in her teaching. She is very professional and committed to her work that is evident in regularity and timeliness of her lessons. Ms. Sarah is also very dedicated to her students. Being an educator myself, I know how difficult it can be when your student is 5 years old. She has the right patience to work with young kids. Moreover, she has motivated and inspired my daughter greatly, as it was her introduction to any musical instrument. Now my daughter enjoys playing piano, knows the notations and terminology, and can play the pieces appropriate to her age by her own. While attending recitals organized by Ms. Carter, I found all her students are so well trained that each performance seemed impeccable. As Ms. Carter is moving to new place, my daughter is surely going to miss one of her favorite teachers. I’m positive that Ms. Sarah will keep spreading her love for music in her pupils. I wish her all the best for future endeavors." - P. Chakraborty, Valdosta, GA
"It has been a pleasure having Sarah teach my children to play the piano over the last 3 years. With her relocation to Minnesota we will be losing a truly great teacher. My children have not only come to learn how to play the piano but love doing it too. They volunteer to play at school recitals and do an amazing job at it thanks to Miss Sarah! It continues to amaze me how well they have come to learn to play over the last 3 years. They are 7 and 9 years old now and they truly look forward to her lessons! I wish Sarah all the best in Minnesota! She will be hard to replace." - D. Ofori, Valdosta, GA

"Sarah I want to thank you for teaching me piano for the past year. Teaching me could not have been an easy task as I had my own idea of what I wanted to learn and totally disregarded the teaching structure that you would have liked for me to follow. I came to you wanting to learn how to play Christmas music so that I could impress my family at Christmas that year. I had been taking lessons for years on and off, mostly off, and I wanted to know everything at once. You were very patient and understanding and went along with my crazy ideas. I know that you are a talented teacher, with the ability to teach music in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the student. I appreciate the encouragement and coaching you did to help me enjoy playing the piano. Learning to play the piano has been something I have always wanted to do but have had very little time to devote to it. Now in my retirement years, and with the help you gave me, I hope to be able to enjoy it more. It is very difficult to find a good teacher and I am very sorry to see you move away, but I understand and I wish you well. I know that wherever you go, you will take your love of music, of children, and teaching with you and anyone who has you as a teacher will be a very lucky person." - M. Sooy, Valdosta, GA