Tuition and Schedule:

· Each student receives a weekly lesson. There are 36 lessons scheduled throughout the school year (September 4th through May 29th- please refer to the attached calendar).

· Tuition is divided evenly among the 9 months.

· Tuition for 30 minute lessons is $100 each month. If more than one person in a family is taking lessons, then tuition is $88 per student each month ($176 for two students from one family, $264 for three students from one family).

Tuition for 45 minute lessons is $140 a month. There is no family discount for 45 minute lessons.

· Tuition is due at the last lesson of the month for the following month. If payment has not been received before the first lesson of the current month a $10 late fee will be incurred.

· Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

Makeup Lessons:

· If a student must miss a lesson, we may schedule a makeup lesson. Each student is allotted 3 make up lessons per school year. A missed lesson with less than 24 hours notice will be ineligible for a makeup lesson.

If you are missing a lesson due to illness, notify me by noon the day of the lesson. If I am notified right before the lesson I cannot offer a makeup lesson.

· If the schedule does not permit a makeup lesson, a partial credit will be applied to the following month’s tuition.

· If all 3 makeup lessons have been used and the student misses a lesson, you are still charged for that lesson.

· In the case of extenuating circumstances, please call me to discuss options.


· Students should arrive on time to his or her lesson. If you are dropping off your child for the lesson, please make sure you return on time to pick them up.

· Students should be well-prepared and have their music with them for every lesson. Students should have clean hands and trimmed fingernails.

· If a younger sibling will be sitting in during the lesson, please make sure they have quiet entertainment to keep them busy.


· Regular practice is essential to learning an instrument. It is best to practice every day.

· Practice should be towards quality, not quantity. We will discuss during lessons the best method of practicing.

· While practicing, there should be no distractions. This means any electronics (TV or video games) should be turned off.

Parental Involvement:

· Encourage your child to practice daily. Without practice, there cannot be improvement.

· For young children, especially, it is important that parents help their kids practice at home. For children ages 10 and under it is best to have supervised practice.

· I believe it is essential for parents to know what their child is working on and how they are progressing. If you are curious how they are doing, you may sit in on their lessons, or feel free to contact me anytime.

Discontinuing Lessons:

· Before making the decision to discontinue lessons come to me to discuss why you feel that’s necessary. If we simply haven’t found music that the student is passionate about yet, let me know so we can find it!

· If the absolute need arises to discontinue lessons, I request one month’s notice. During that month try to attend the lessons if possible. If attendance is not possible, tuition is still due for the month.

Summer Lessons:

· Summer lesson attendance is expected to save your place in the Fall. A minimum of 8 lessons must be taken through June, July, and August. Tuition for Summer is based on number of lessons taken.

· If the student is unable to take any lessons during the Summer, then a payment of $50 will reserve his or her place in my schedule for the Fall. This would be due during the last week of lessons for the school year.